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Sunday, February 19, 2012

International Study Opportunity in Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada states its vision, “Creating exceptional learning experiences for a world of possibilities.” The university believes that learning knows no boundaries. To cater international students who want to attain the education that they aspire, Mount Royal created programs for international education which is the university’s “leading edge.” Through its participation in International Academic Mobility Program (IAM), Mount Royal earned the status of being the top post-secondary educational institution in the country.

The university is geared towards ensuring that every student obtains the privilege to deepen and expand their education and understanding the world.

To accomplish this goal, MRU set international opportunities program such as Student Exchange Agreements, Inbound and Outbound Exchange Students, Field Schools, International Work Experience, International Education Week and Resources for Work and Volunteer Opportunities Abroad.

MRU also welcomes hundred of international students who come from different countries for the institution’s English Language Program. The program aims to enhance the language skills of every student for self-development, travel, and academic study. The university also offers customized language program in order to meet the particular needs of students.

MRU offers full-time and part-time courses for local as well as international students. It also offers online courses for those who do not have time to attend the regular class schedule. Summer programs are also given for people who want to make their summer productive. As for those who want to enter the corporate world, Business English Program is also offered. Other programs are Teacher Training Programs, ESL in the Workplace - English Language Assessments and Communication Skills for Health Professionals.

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