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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Build your business career at Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College which is located right at the heart of Calgary offers business courses that prepare students to entering the world of trade and industry.

BVC assures students the right education that matched the business careers they want to pursue in the future.

The College offers the following programs:

Business Administration Diploma: Currently, services on finance keep a strong demand in North America. This program prepares students to become financial managers, financial planners, insurance personnel and customer services representatives.

Certificate in Human Resources Management: Through this program, they are given exposure to discover every aspect of human resources – an important department in every organization.

Certificate in Accounting and Financial Management: The program runs for one year wherein they are taught with the fundamentals of accounting in order to mould their careers as accounting technicians and business managers.

Diploma in Public Relations: The College offers this course together with Grant MacEwan University for those who want to enhance their skills on interpersonal communication as Public Relations Specialist/Officer. The curriculum is based on MacEwan Univeristy which gives credentials to the graduates.

Diploma in Global Tourism Management and Marketing: It makes the students be ready for intermediate positions in the world of marketing as well management styles in tourism.

For those who do not have the luxury of time to attend regular classes in school, Bow Valley College is also offering online courses for business management and administration.

In addition, it has also other courses such as health care, human services, justice and laws, administration and master’s degree. International students are also given opportunity to acquire education from Bow Valley College as it has programs customized for them.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

UC is preparing graduating students to the real world

University of Calgary has been providing excellent education to students since 1966 and operates under Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta. University of Calgary is at top eight in Canada’s ranking of the best research universities. The University is also part of U15 which is an organization of 15 universities in Canada that are most concentrated in the field of research.

To date, greater than 31,000 scholars and students are presently enrolled under the university’s master, graduate and undergraduate degree programs. On its existence for 44 successful years, it has produced around 145,000 alumni which include Robert Thirsk, a Canadian astronaut and Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister.

Students are offered quality education through providing critical thinking lessons as well as intensive coverage in research studies. Learning programs such as undergraduate research, community service, international study, internships, and co-op are utilized and maximized by the University in order to complete the whole experience of the students.

In line with this, University of Calgary has prepared series of workshops for graduating students to be prepared with the real world battle. The workshops include (1) Personal Development, (2) Professional (3) Development and Financial Literacy.  

The first workshop aims to develop as well as enhance the students’ confidence, social skills, personal identity and self-awareness. The second one is geared towards putting into application the learning they have gathered through the four corners of the classroom across the real world. Experts are invited as keynote speakers to give advice as to how to deal with job hunt and manage the acquired job. Finally, financial literacy is aimed to provide tips on planning and securing future with finances that are post-secondary.